Thailand kitesurfing schools –Pattaya, 7 months of daily thermal winds

In Pattaya we get daily thermal wind during our wind season which is November till May. During this period we often give lessons every day. Our beach at the blue lagoon is one of the few places in Pattaya where there is still plenty of room to launch and land kites on a high tide. Pattaya has lots of sun, zero rain during the wind season and the greatest range of activities and nightlife of any tourist costal town in Thailand. Pattaya is only 100km south east of Bangkok international airport making it the easiest costal town to get to in Thailand.

Kite boarding School Pattaya –The wind and the spot

Our school is located about 10km out of Pattaya on south Jomtien beach. The main beaches in pattaya are crowded with jet skis, swimmers and boats but our main location in the Blue Lagoon Watersports Club is for wind powered sports only. Not a single annoying jetski to be seen, or heard. The only powered vessels allowed are our 2 rescue boats which we also use for teaching.

Our beach faces directly west giving us nice cross on winds from the north west in high season (dry winter season) and cross on winds from the south west in low season. Water temperature is around 26 degrees Celsius year round. A rash guard is all you need along with plenty of sun protection.
We have no nasty surprises in the water. During the wind season there are no jellyfish or sea urchins and there has never been a shark attack recorded in thailand. Our beach is sand so booties are not required.

Kite surfing school and shop with equipment showroom

Our kitesurfing school is located 10km south east of pattaya near the ambassador hotel which is the larges hotel in pattaya. In our shop we stock many different kiteboarding brands. A few brands need mentioning are: Cabrinha, Airush, Ozone, North, F-one, Liquid force, Flexifoil, Mystic, Nobile and Naish to the best prices, world wide! If you can find our products cheaper anywhere else we will match or if possible beat it. We do this as a service to our customers. If you can’t find us on the beach the easiest way to get in contact is to give us a call: +66 (0)8 51349588 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +66 (0)8 51349588      end_of_the_skype_highlighting – or send an e-mail: We are happy to assist you by answering any questions or if you need to book a kiteboarding course or accommodation.

Pattaya the prime location for holiday making foreigners and Thai people

Pranburi has something for everyone; backpacker or royalty. It is no longer a sleepy coastal village, but home to several world-class resorts ranging from very affordable accommodation to super-luxurious retreats that are spread out far apart to retain privacy and exclusivity. Ultimately, what attracts people to this part of the country is the unparalleled sense of privacy it manages to retain. There is a reason why land in Pranburi is valued highest in all of Thailand. It’s also the main location for the people living in Bangkok to go for a weekend holiday.